Friday, May 01, 2009

Pigeon House?

Found this on one of my bike rides this spring.... I've put in 57.3 miles in April so far... more than I've ever done in April before. A combination of some pretty nice early spring weather, and my feeling so glad to be out and about and energized, after a winter of way too many doctor's visits, diagnoses, treatments, and days upon days of lethargy - or "cancer brain" as my sister-in-law Anne calls it!

A worker nearby told me that this is a very old pigeon house. Some digging on the internet got me nothing besides a close-up photo of one side of this pigeon house with it's 10 roosts. A call to Linda Palmeri - retired head of Parks and Recreation for the City of Rochester - and one of my granddaughter's other grandparents - yielded the info that there used to be more of these, and they were built/funded by the Audubon Society many years ago,
She also revealed that there are or were, a couple of bat houses, and a hummingbird house! I've got to see if I can find those?

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