Saturday, June 13, 2009

Genealogy trip to Naples, NY 6_11_09

On Thursday, I went to Naples, NY to meet a couple of my cousins. Dave Olney, and his father Lou Olney. They were interested in seeing all the places in Henry C. Olney's 1886 diary. Dave recorded the GPS coordinates of everything from the location of their farm, to the location of their grave! We went to Evergreen Farm, checked out the pond where they harvested ice, and visited the locations of various relatives farms. The picture above was taken approximately where the house was.

Dave and I are both great great grandsons of Henry and Sarah. Lou is of course a great grandson. I'm descended from their son Bart. Dave and Lou are descendants of oldest son Omar. I was very pleased to add information about Omar to my brain! I got to see his farm .... he married Hattie Warren not long after the diary entries! We also visited Omar and Hattie's graves!

More pictures from the trip can be seen here.From left to right - Dave, Lou, and Don Olney.

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