Thursday, June 25, 2009

We could have been home sooner!

Coming home on Route 28 through the Catskills and central New York, and then connecting to Route 20 across the state to home took about 3.5 hours longer than getting on the Thruway. But we would have missed these moments along Tremper Mountain Trail, just off Old Route 28 near Phoenicia, NY. This little stream feeds Esopus Creek that winds along Route 28 on it's way to the Hudson River.
You miss so much traveling on those big highways that offer panoramic views, but little detail! As always, click the pics for even more detail..... there were 4 creeks coming down the mountainside along the trail within about 50 yards. How does each drop of rain know which creek to head for when it lands in this magnificent place?
And on the Thruway, lunch would have been chicken nuggets and a milk shake at the arches. Instead, it was the folks at The Delhi Diner, Main St., Delhi, NY, who gave us a break and some lunch along the way! The place was crowded, the food was OK, and the bathroom was up old wooden stairs on the second floor..... somehow much more satisfying than another thruway stop with the standard automatic faucets, the standard line at McDonalds, and the standard decor that makes you not sure if you are in Syracuse, Auburn, Albany, ?????Thanks to the Catskills for a few extra hours well spent!


Anne said...

Once, before we lived in New England & coming back from a trip there, Dave and I took 87S out of Albany instead of 87N & were many hours out of our way...but delightful, and I've never seen that part of the state since. On some back road along the way, I couldn't tell you where, we stopped to walk the dog we had then, who was still a pup...when we got her out of the car, she turned into a puffball (no small feat, as she was a shorthair), stared off at the wooded hillside in front of us and shivered and shrieked and howled and wanted back in the car. Dave never forgot it, and we always thought that we must have stumbled across a Catskill monster's lair...

Louise's Son-in-law said...

My guess is there was a bear in the woods? Or maybe a moose? On the other hand, your version has a nice Washington Irving sort of flair to it!