Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Maeve Graduates!

On Sunday, Maeve Elisabeth Olney - my neice - graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy! She was part of the 228th graduating class from this esteemed institution! Close-up below.What more can I say?
We love you Maeve!
And as always click the picture for a bigger view!
I can't believe this shot came out this great! We could not get very close, so I was zoomed in to the extreme. Also, I was kneeling on the ground, checking the list of names in the program to see when to expect Maeve's name, when I heard them announce "Maeve Elisabeth Olney". I jumped up - snapped a couple of quick shots, and got the picture above! Not perfect if you are a severe critic, but as an uncle, I'm most pleased!


Anne said...

And as her mother, I'm most pleased too! Thanks for putting this up...what a gorgeous day that was, start to finish. (And we all still have our sunburns as souvenirs;-)

The Daily Rant said...

Congratulations Maeve!!! Great shot of the diploma hand-off too.

Smart people rock!

Kim Winfrey said...

Beautiful shot! Congratulations Graduate!!