Monday, June 29, 2009

Great weekend with a stressfull end.

The weekend began on Friday with a visit from Wyatt (above) and Maeve (below). Not a long visit - I took them home Saturday evening, but a great time. Maeve spent Friday evening with her friends from the Wayland Cohocton graduating senior class at Seabreeze Amusement Park. We hung out some with grandma and grandpa, visited Maya whom they hadn't seen since the explosion of talking! Longest time I've heard Maeve quiet in a long time! Maeve practiced parallel parking with cousin Casey. I also learned about Charlie The Unicorn! If you are into amazingly silly stuff, click the link and waste a few minutes! It is almost as good as The Llama Song of several years ago.
Sunday was devoted to a little local one day Art/Craft show. Pretty much the entire gamut of outdoor craft show experiences. Wonderful folks from the National Council of Jewish Women sponsored the one day event. A more friendly and helpful bunch of folks could not be found! The weather could not have been better for the first few hours, and the crowd was good for a small show, and sales were OK. Around 2:30 the sky began to look a lot less friendly, and within the hour it was raining hard. By around 4 we gave up, and we all began to pack up wet stuff, and fold up wet tents --- that is an especially wet job because at that point you no longer have ANY dry place to be! Very special thanks to our friend Jerry Romanowski and his son who helped us pack up in that downpour! This morning we need to set up the tent and the walls again in the driveway to let them dry out!
Cheryl before the storm!
The booth before the storm!

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