Sunday, July 10, 2011

Electric Starwars

I love the bike trails. Sometimes they take me by hidden nature (I ate several handfuls of raspberries at one stop). Sometimes they take me by hidden works of man - often not very pretty, but sometimes very intriguing --- as above and below behind a storage area for our local utility! As always - click pictures to embiggen - I actually found that word on another web site the other day. I should have known I didn't actually invent a word. Or did I? Maybe they got it from me?


Sequana said...

I saw that word somewhere else TOO lately, and immediately thot of you.

Have you ever looked for it in the dictionary? I 'spose I could......too lazy.

Louise's Son-in-law said...

on-line says "no Dictionary results."

Anonymous said...

The "no Dictionary results" just means they haven't gotten around to adding the word yet, but watch one day you will see it there!
I still say 'postdigify' when I am about to put postage on a letter and mail it...a cute habit I got from you!!