Sunday, July 24, 2011

Elmwood Cemetery - Fairport, NY

On one of our Saturday morning rides a couple of weeks ago, Mom and I found ourselves driving by Elmwood Cemetery. Located at the corner of Carter Road and Furman Road - around a mile from my childhood home. We rode by the cemetery every day on the school bus for 12 years. Mom was fascinated that this was the place where she and Dad will be buried, but with no markers yet in place I could not show her exactly where. I did find the stones of a number of family friends from my early years.The Wagners lived on and operated a large farm right behind us - through the back fields and woods to Furman Road.
Merton and Bernie Bridges lived on Carter Road - about 200 yards down the road from the cemetery. They were good family friends, and in fact we lived in their house one winter while they were on vacation in Florida I think? It was a hard time for us, and a place to live was a big help!
The Bilgers also lived behind us on Furman Road.... across the road from the Wagners. They operated a large farm, and Ezra was also a cattle dealer. I remember going to cattle auctions with him - quite an adventure! I also sometimes worked for him helping haul hay, and other back breaking farm work!Bob Drew was also a neighbor - a couple of years older than me - one of the big kids on the bus every day! He died far to early at only 34 years young. He lived right across Carter Road from the cemetery.
Howard De Nise owned the local farm equipment place. Trips to his place over on Ayrault Road were quite common - usually to buy parts to repair a broken down tractor, or other farm equipment. If Howard didn't have what we needed, it would be off to Knapp and Trau. As I recall, Howard De Nise sold Farmall equipment, and Knapp and Trau were John Deere dealers. Mrs. Trau was my teacher for First and Second grade!

I have no idea who Irene and Richard Lewis were - or are - Irene is still around it appears. I do however love these mirror image stones with their humorous messages. Irene's says "Everyone loves an Italian", and Richard's says "You Turkey" I'd love to know the story behind these stones!

A great little country cemetery with lots of stories to tell, and a great place to spend eternity, but just a note to Mom and Dad ------ No hurry!

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Stefani said...

Love this entry, Don - thanks for alerting me! The Wagners still have a farm across the street from us.

I'd love to know the story behind those interestingly shaped stones with funny messages too!