Saturday, July 09, 2011

Mechanical Giant in Human Form!

Below is a photo of an old newspaper clipping that I got from a friend who knows my interest in Automata, and other things mechanical. A huge mechanical man made near here in Tonawanda, NY in 1900 --- "This curious counterfeit of a real person was designed to pull a carriage from New York to San Francisco ......" From the New York Hearld - September 9, 1900. I have posted a quite large image so you can click on it and easily read the story. Picture is not quite as big as I wanted it, but is readable. If you want a larger image, comment below, and I'll send it to you.

The link below added a couple of days later after I heard from a friend. Additional information about this "walking" figure. Turns out the carriage pushes the man rather than the man pulling the carriage, but it still seems like a very cool thing. After all, aren't all automata fake at their very essence? For me, it is the ability to fascinate and make us think that is the essence of automata!
More information from my friend and automata enthusiast Dug North

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