Saturday, July 02, 2011

Triple Fail???

Fail number one is that I'm official old now if I wasn't before??? Prostate Cancer - survived so far! Hip replacement - going quite well! My latest - My veins are not far enough apart! Very Close Veins! (a very old joke my Dad told me when I told him about my latest!) I'm now wearing those old people compression stockings! They actually don't look bad - not at all like the brown things my grandmother used to wear. Did you ever try to fit your foot and leg into a bicycle inner tube? That is about what this is like, except that my legs actually feel quite a bit better with these on.

The folks at the medical supply place could not have been nicer! They actually measure and fit you for these things. I've been to shoe stores that took a lot less care! I'd mention the name, but I'm now going to reveal the next two parts of the triple fail. On a shelf in the fitting room was a three ring binder with "Referance Materail for Stockings and Braces"What the heck - I like these folks!

I recommend them highly! They just don't seem to have a proofreader on staff!


Pat said...

OK, I admit that it took me a few reads to get the very close veins joke. I'm old, too. :)

Sequana said...

I wear the compression knee highs when my ankles swell from heat or too much sodium.

They ARE hard to get on, but boy do they feel good.

Congrats on your new hip. I have had a titanium hip for almost six years now. It's still going strong.

Louise's Son-in-law said...

Sequana- the gal fitting me used thick dish washing style rubber gloves, and suggested I do that, and they help a lot. They grip the material, and make it easy to smooth out wrinkles, etc.