Thursday, April 30, 2009

My friend George Landino

My friend George Landino does some amazing stuff. First, he is an amazing artist, drawing and painting many wonderfully whimsical things - but more about that in some other blog entry. We have been craft show friends for many years, and though I haven't seen him in person in several years, we still keep in touch. The other day he sent me the above piece. Hand lettered in pencil for the original, and hand cut on a jig saw! If you are not familiar with jig saws, they can do amazing things in the hands of a skilled person, but every time you want to do an "inside" cut - an area with no direct connection to the edge - you have to drill a small hole, remove the tiny blade, insert it through the hole, fasten it into the saw, cut what you want to cut, remove the blade, insert it in the next hole, fasten it into the saw, ---- you get the idea. In this case - 277 times unless I skipped a beat somewhere along the line?


The Daily Rant said...

This is fantastic! What talent your friend has. I've never seen anything like this. I've seen name cutouts, but never something this detailed. Wow.

ann said...

does he have a web site..? I special ordered some things from him a long time ago..he is son still treasures them..

Ann in Ohio

Louise's Son-in-law said...

To Ann - e-mail me, and I can share his phone #. I don't think he is making much stuff these days. don(at)