Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Birthday tops again!

Those little pieces vibrating around yesterday were chocolate chips! Above - painted a nice dark brown! Below - painstakingly glued into the appropriate holes in the cookie base.To maintain balance for a nicely spinning top, I did 1/4 of a cookie complete with three chips, and an uneven edge. Then I rotated that quarter three times to complete the cookie, welded the 4 images together, and there you go! A perfectly balanced chocolate chip cookie spinning top. My favorite detail? The chips are made of slightly thicker wood so that they stick out from the surface a bit!

Below - CJ absent mindedly spinning his top!

Oddly, the cookie monster theme for his birthday was based on his strong dislike of cake (or ice cream). Deanna baked a large chocolate chip cookie for him, but when it was served cut into wedges, he refused to even taste it, and ate three tangerines while the rest of us got fat!

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