Wednesday, November 02, 2011

New Roof

Guaranteed to last about twice as long as I will. I'll have to let Casey and Deanna know - they will be in their mid eighties when it needs replacing???
Truck arrived this morning with the ingredients for our new roof! I'm guessing that truck held about 1/4 of the total cost of the roof?
The dumpster they delivered (below) looks like it would hold pretty much the whole house? Looks to be about 8 feet high, about 7 feet wide, by about 24 feet long. I think that works out to about 50 cubic yards? That's a lot of stuff! And the crew will have to remove all that from the top of our house, haul it to the dumpster which has 8 foot sides, carry all that plywood, rubber, shingles, ridge vents, etc. up there, and install it. I'm thinking that Highland Contractors will earn their money. We'll be paying it off for the next 5 years.
These guys put a roof on Mom and Dad's garage in two hours from arrival to driving away. I'm not sure how the math will work out, but based on the cost, they should be done by Friday night???

They will insulate the attic sometime after that.

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