Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!

Great Grandpa Mel above.

What more to be said? Halloween is a great event in our neighborhood. Pretty much never any "tricks". Lots of kids.... lots of families..... lots of bigger kids - I really don't mind the big kids.... my favorite tonight - three young men, maybe 16?? - with no costumes, but with the presence of mind to roar very loudly while receiving their bounty! I love it!
Our front porch above!

CJ from the back and from the front!

Wonder Woman Maya.... little does she know how true it is!
And our neighborhood (across the street) magical pumpkin carver is back after a few years retirement! (see below) She and her next door neighbor set up a magical and very scary back yard! Every few minutes a new batch of kids come screaming out the driveway, watched by the kids on the sidewalk still trying to work up the nerve to check it out. Most decide they aren't scared! , and venture back, only to come screaming out a few minutes later - usually when a kid in a scary costume comes bursting out of the skirt of the huge witch statue standing in front of the garage!

Below video of one of the two clowns guarding the backyard of horrors!

124th daily post in a row (4 straight months) if anybody but me is keeping track?

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