Saturday, November 26, 2011


Anyone want to buy a classic ice cream stand! And this one comes with miniature golf, bumper cars, go-carts, driving range, and an arcade!
I've always dreamed about owning one of those classic 1950's tourist trap places. A roadside ice cream stand was always high on the list, but the closest I ever came was actually talking to the owner about buying The Teepee on Route 20 in New York State just west of Albany in the Cherry Valley area.
Click on this link for some great pictures of The Teepee, and some of the classic 1950's stuff for sale therein.

The Teepee is just down the road a piece from the Petrified Creatures Museum

For your chance to own a classic near Batavia, NY (On Route 5 - sort of kid sister to Route 20) - below is the For Sale Sign on the ice cream stand plus!
If you buy it, you owe me 4 cones - Grandpa, Grandma, Maya, and CJ!

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