Monday, November 21, 2011

Opal & Twig

Earlier this year, a new customer came to us looking for a container for her magical potions. Who wouldn't enjoy designing a carrier for Goblin Snot, Troll Sweat, and Mermaid Tears? I can't find the pictures I took quite a while ago, so these are borrowed from the new Opal & Twig web site.
Who are Opal and Twig? Go to Opal & Twig to learn more, and to find out what magical powers there may be in Troll Sweat?

Got a product you'd like some special container for? Call us, e-mail us, snail mail us, (fax still works, but is so 20th Century!) Right now I'm working on a three pack of some great salsa/tomato sauce flavors!

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Melissa B said...

Lovely post, Don. People love the Potion Porter!