Sunday, November 06, 2011

Main Street Armory - Rochester, NY

Exterior of our old armory - built in 1905
picture by
Matthew D. Wilson

They don't build them like this anymore!
I think this is the second nicest bathroom I've seen. Number one is still at The Madonna Inn. Picture below - guys pee in the waterfall at the right, keeping in mind that women may come in at any moment to see this unique urinal!
Back to the Armory.
We went to the Mayday Underground Indie Crafts & Art Show this afternoon!
Bus man's holiday!
Some quite interesting and creative things. As old timers on another era of craft shows, we noted that there were no booths with any walls - even people with paintings or photographs had them propped up on easels on a single table. Only about 6 booths made any attempt at lighting! It certainly would make set-up and tear down a lot easier, but for people used to a different style, it would take some getting used to. I think that next year, I'm going to try some of these local venues with my mechanical pieces. Will do on weekends when Cheryl is not away at some of the "bigger" shows, and see what happens. Lower cost, less travel, probably lower sales, but possibly a better percent return on the time and $ invested?

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Pat said...

I did the Spring show there, also took pictures of the bathroom! Reminds me of "You may be an artist if..." heh