Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Designed and made a while ago.

The main odd thing about my new Samsung Android Charge is that the pictures taken with it automatically rotate 90 degrees, and cannot be rotated back to vertical in the camera. If you rotate them in a photo program on the computer, they seem to show up rotated when I try to use them on the blog, but this one - while rotated on the phone, and rotated on the computer reverets to correct orientation when I use it here on the blog!!! ???

Anyway, the piece above is a wooden menorah with wooden "flames" that can be removed and replaced as the days of Hanukkah go by, without involving younger folks with open flames? This one is sold as of today, but contact me if you simply must have one. We also did a Kwanza Kinara version if you'd like one of those?

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Anonymous said...

what an excellent gift! i love it; especially the childsafe "wooden flames." i am perplexed by the occassional photo rotation puzzles myself! miss tj gadget :-)