Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Balancing Act!

I should wait till I get a little video done, but I can't resist.... I've been working on this concept for a while, and finally seem to have it right. The dancer rocks for over 3 minutes on a good run! A very simple concept, but strangely compelling. I've got lots of ideas for other "Balancing Act" pieces, but suggestions are very welcome! This one is about 8" tall overall.

Below is the video! Posted in the evening.


amarkel58 said...

If you want to move some product you ought to do a "Single Mother Balancing" know, standing on her hands while kids stand on her fingers, juggling them, the house & the job with her feet...oh, and set her hair on fire, too....;-)

Louise's Son-in-law said...

Perfect idea! Not sure if I can fit that all in, and keep the budget under control --- but that is the essence of the concept is it not!

Pat said...

I love it and I love the single Mom idea, too. If I was still stuck at a desk job, I can imagine wanting it to bring whimsy into the drab.

And the toy maker surfaces, eh? Heh

Anonymous said...

Love this. Any chance the video's background noise can be a musical selection. Speaking of musical selections did you all ever make music boxes? Or, was that wishful thinking on my part?