Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Land, air, and water transportation

It is bike riding season again, and my bad hip seems to be allowing me the chance to ride nicely. It is always a bit of a struggle to get going - mostly the problem is limiting my early season rides to shorter distances. I always want to push myself around the next bend, go see that special spot along the canal, make it all the way to Henpeck Park, or just chalk up more miles than I did last April on my distance spreadsheet, but after a winter of lethargy, my body does not appreciate doing too much in the beginning. I have put in over 30 miles so far, in 5 rides. The hardest was the first day - 3 miles on very soft tires, trying to find an air compressor! If you think proper inflation of your tires doesn't save gas, try riding a bike on soft tires! The next hardest was 8.6 miles on the second day when I should have stuck to about 5!

That's me above with my trusty steed - a Biria "Easy Boarding" bicycle that allows me to get on and off without swinging that bad hip over the back. That move used to fairly often put me on the ground in unceremonious fashion!

Below, two views from a bridge over the Genesee River. An airplane heading for the nearby airport, and some University of Rochester women's crew gals getting in some practice below.
Me, my bike, and my camera, makes for a very peaceful hour or three.

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