Friday, April 24, 2009

What brand do you use?

I've always been a fan of odd things we put electricity in.... my favorite to date is the "Spin Pop" - a device that appeared around 10 years ago to aid those who need a sugar fix, but are too tired to actually lick or suck on a piece of candy. It turns out that there are actually double spin pop machines, and they are patented!

United States Patent 5690535

"An improved (emphasis mine) candy pop holding device which includes two different spindle shafts each including a receptacle for holding a stick of a candy pop. The device includes a power supply, a switch for controlling the power supply, a motor for driving a suitable gearing system for rotating the two candy pops at a convenient rotation for consumption by a consumer. The motor and gearing system is designed to produce a desired torque and rotational speed to spin the two candy pops."

I think I'll add things that seem to have totally irrelevant endorsements added to a product. (I apologize in advance if Hannah Montana is really a cleanliness expert, and indeed endorses this particular brand of hand sanitizer as more effective than others.) Just a quick note - if your hand sanitizer has less than 60% alcohol, it is not doing much good, and if your hands are dry in less than 15 seconds of rubbing, you didn't use enough to be effective. I've noticed my doctor coming in and using a quick squirt, followed by a 2-3 second rub? About as effective as that little alcohol swab they swipe across your arm before sticking you with a needle? I remember our vet using an alcohol swab on one of my cats before giving her a shot, and saying with a smile - "I just do that to make the people feel better!"


Maeve said...

For my 17th birthday, my best friend Jes got me that same hand sanitizer, but instead of Hannah Montana it had the characters from High School Musical on the label.

amarkel58 said...

And in my house, we don't use hand sanitizer at all, ever, figuring it just contributes to the rise of a new race of superbugs....