Monday, October 10, 2011

Cohocton Fall Foliage Festival - part one

The Cohocton Fall Foliage Festival is sort of the essence of small town America. I probably wouldn't even know about it if my sister-in-law and my niece and nephew hadn't chosen this small finger lakes village to move to a few years back. They have everything from a tractor pull - cancelled this year, to a rubber duckie race on the Cohocton River - we got there after the "catchers" had netted all the strays, and were standing around with wet pants. Folks from far and wide set up tents to sell everything from maple syrup to apples, fudge to kettle korn, sausage sandwiches to deep fried pickles (at least there was something vegetarian!). There were at least 6 "bouncy houses", and a couple of places to buy a custom made Amish shed for your back yard. At least one tent sold pretty much anything tie dyed - see above. Below, my friend and "sort of former relative" Darlene was helping a friend sell Nunda Mustard. Pretty good mustard actually. Note: I find a recurring theme in my life of losing relatives and friends as other relatives and friends get divorced and move on with their lives - usually a good thing for them, but a lot of other people who had no problem get separated too!
Below - some folks actually make a living charging people 50 cents to keep bouncing little rubber balls into bins with bingo card thingys at the bottom until somebody gets a BINGO and wins a $2 Chinese teddy bear?
Below - probably the most creative product I saw - Bird houses on pitch forks????? Does one inherit a bunch of pitchforks from an eccentric collector relative and have to figure out something to do with them? Or does one spend their weekdays wandering from flea market to antique store looking for pitchforks?
Certainly a couple of steps better than the Redneck Wind Chimes shown below on a Red, White, and Blue stand! Those cans are actually rather nicely pre-rusted. Is there a quick rust system or chemical available, or do you just collect a lot of cans and set them out in the back yard for a few months? So many questions come to mind wandering around the Cohocton Fall Foliage Festival.
More pictures and commentary on this event tomorrow. I'm oddly fascinated!

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judy said...

The tie dye was cool! I have the same questions on the tin can and pitchfork raw materials inventory stock.:)