Monday, October 17, 2011

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

This is a paper dreidel I did a few years back. Parts cut from card stock with our laser. Above the basic paper dreidel assembled.

Above - pieces of soda straw added to strengthen the stem and the tip.
Below - a closer view of the bottom showing the folded tabs that hold the letter panels in place.

Below - a dreidel made from parts made quite a while ago during the days of The Toycrafter. I found some of the blue printed parts, and glued stems in them today that I had also saved for quite a few years. Only about half of the 50 parts I found were printed, so I'm lasering letters into the side panels on the rest of them. Will post pictures of them later. These are a bit under 2" tall.
Below - video taken today of the above top, complete with "The Dreidel Song."

Below, what I call a bead dreidel - a frame made out of laser cut wood parts, with a silk screened wooden bead in the center. I can go on making these till I run out of the round wooden beads - also saved from The Toycrafter days! This dreidel is a bit under 3 inches tall.
And below - another video - also taken today - also with The Dreidel Song.

We do have some dreidels available, so order early. The yellow bead dreidel is on Shopify, but I haven't posted the blue dreidels yet.

There is another larger laser cut dreidel on Shopify here. This one is basically a wooden version of the paper one shown at the top of this post.

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