Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I was downtown (Rochester, NY) today to pay the taxes, and did some wandering. The Executive Building is right on Main St. Years ago we used to go to a print shop in this building to get price sheets, newsletters, etc. printed at Print It. There is still a print shop in the same spot, but print shops are a lot less common now that we can just sit at our desk and create price sheets and then click on the print thingy to make as many as we want! And, in this building and at the print shop that I met Bruce - who worked for me at The Toycrafter for 11 years, and who bought The Toycrafter from me when I sold it. Bruce is still a friend!

While wandering through the building, I noticed 4 pieces of our work over the entrance to a hallway that goes out to the parking garage. (below)


Maeve said...

I walked past those pieces and that print shop every day on my way to the Public Defender's Office over the summer!

Louise's Son-in-law said...

Oops - I should have also mentioned that my niece Maeve, while serving an internship last summer at the Public Defender's office, walked through this building and past these pieces several times a day! The Public Defender's office is upstairs!