Saturday, October 22, 2011

Creative Hue show at Williams Gallery

The Creative Hue show at The Williams Gallery has been up for a while, but we had a very nice and well attended opening last night. These pictures aren't my best - gallery lighting is designed to highlight the work, not photography - but you get the idea. The Williams Gallery is at the First Unitarian Church on Winton Rd., Rochester, NY.

Creative Hue is a collective of artists of color who do a wide variety of work from felting to bead making, from photography to painting, and from creative matting to whatever it is we do? The tags next to our work called it "Wood Collage". I'm not sure that is what I would call it, but Cheryl and I both still stumble and mumble a bit when somebody asks what we do, after almost 15 years!

Check it out - The show is open until November 14th!
Most of the work is for sale.

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