Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mini African Violet "Oscars"

Now that the NYS African Violet Society Convention is over, I can show you the little 4" tall "oscars" that I made as table favors for the big dinner. Above - the final look. Below, sitting on my bench before the gold paint stage! The theme this year was "Violets at the Oscars"
My personal favorite in the main showroom was "Harmony's Little Stinker" (below) shown by Paul Kroll of East Aurora, NY. I didn't get to meet him, but he is evidently a multifaceted fellow, also being a breeder of Japanese Bantam Chickens, and Dark Brown Leghorn Chickens. In addition to being a member of his local and state African Violet Society, he is also a member of Buffalo and Western New York Poultry Association

I find that my favorite African Violets tend to be ones with interesting leaves.

If you are interested I think the image below is a picture of the type of chicken Paul raises.
I love the way the internet takes us off on tangents!

Oh - by the way - As illustrated by those little oscars, we love to do custom stuff. If you have an event, fund raiser, special gift you need, etc. Contact Us about how we can help!

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