Friday, October 14, 2011

Maya's First Art Show!

Maya has been very interested in the concept of the Art Show for quite a while. Her visit to our booth at the Clothesline show was a big influence, plus a lot of our work is to be found around her house, and around our house! She has been suggesting to Cheryl that she would like to go along when we do a show.... Cheryl has (hopefully wisely) suggested waiting until she is 8 years old. Maya will of course remember that, and will be ready to go to the first show after her 8th birthday!

Above is an example of the work she created for her first show. I was amused that the first step in the process was making the price tags! She used a percent sign rather than a dollar sign, but remember - she is 4! Step 2 was making the artwork, which commonly utilizes scotch tape these days... I think she finds it takes too long for glue to dry?

She then proceeded to tape her work to the wall, but a "gentle" suggestion got the tape off the wall. She did not like the idea of leaning the work against the wall on the table under the TV, but found the couch a perfectly acceptable "wall".

As I looked over the work, she told me --- "You might not want that one. It is quite expensive."
We may need to work on her sales technique? On the other hand I like her idea of making the price tags first. A lot of us artists/craft makers, tend to make pricing an after thought instead of perhaps the most important part of the process!

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