Monday, September 12, 2011

Another great day at Clothesline

The new QR Code thingy - the black and white thing in the red frame above, actually worked on multiple levels. Some people recognized what it was, and used it to find our web site. More asked what it was, with interesting conversations following with lots of pros and cons about technology, etc. Now I'm wondering two things - Can it be printed in other colors and still work? Can I manage to make a wooden cut out version that would still work?
Another technology story. Around 2:30 PM, someone went around handing out a flyer with a print out of a weather channel computer screen with dire weather warnings. "Possible high winds with hail". etc. Sort of put a damper on things, and when it began to sprinkle, customers headed for their cars, vendors battened down the hatches, etc. Sprinkles was all we ever got - maybe a few moments of heavy mist? Nice for us, but it put a hole in the days sales I'm sure. In the old days we would have never known that the possibility existed for the whole festival to blow into the next county!??? Even with the sprinkles, we had a good sales day, and probably our best Clothesline show money wise in the past 5 years at least! Thus the smiles below!

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