Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aunt Theresa

Ingleside Christian Church was a big part of my childhood! Aunt Theresa Drake (married to my Grandpa Drake's brother Delmar) was a big part of my childhood. Quite a few summers included a week staying with my cousin Leslie Drake and the rest of the family. Aunt Theresa, Uncle Delmar, Leslie, Lyle, Lindy, Cloyse, and Claire. We would usually be at church about 3 times during the week - sometimes more. Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon sometimes, Wednesday Prayer Meeting, etc. My father's parents were also members, so the week spent at their house each summer would also include several sessions at Ingleside Christian Church! Rev. Millard - above - was the preacher then, and Sunday, when we all gathered back at the church to celebrate the life of my Aunt Theresa! Not at all to my surprise, I learned that Aunt Theresa was just as important to pretty much everyone in the community as she was to me!
Lisle shares some of his mother above - Lindy below.
Cloyse reminisces below.
Below - Gerry Slayton - my Mom's best friend from childhood!
Cousins and old friends beyond count, and many many memories.
Mom and Dad made it there with me too!
The flooded basement of my return home could not possibly dampen the joy of this day of remembering!

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