Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Reunion!

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Yesterday was the annual Hill Reunion at Brian and Nancy Olney's place in Naples/Italy Valley.

All the usual family reunion stuff goes without saying.... a great time was had by all of course, and the food was spectacular as dish to pass meals always are!

My main joy for the day was getting Dad (plaid shirt in the front row) there for the first time in several years. Dad thoroughly enjoyed venturing out for longer and to a greater distance than he has in quite a while! Genealogy is one of Dad's passions, and having the elders of the two branches of the Olney family both at this year's reunion meant a lot to all of us. Mel Olney (Dad) is the oldest descendant of Edward Barton (Bart) Olney, and Lou Olney (first row next to Dad) is the oldest descendant of Omar Addison Olney. Omar and Bart are the oldest sons of Sarah Hill and Henry Cadmus Olney. Not sure where the descendants of the other 9 kids are?

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