Monday, August 29, 2011

Number Seven Hundred and Fifty

This is my 750th post!
This is also my 60th daily post in a row!
(Someday soon I'm going to skip a day just to relieve the pressure)
Both are sort of cool milestones!
The pictures below represent some of the things I most like to blog about.

Below - NITBY - Nature in the back yard - in this case a snail on a grape leaf in our yard.
Below - general silliness and/or things than make you go UUUUUMMMM!
Below - my grandaughter Maya Louise Sams,
and in the background my wonderful Cheryl!
Below - the ever wonderful and fascinating Caesar James "CJ" Sams
Below - another thing that makes you smile and go uuuuuuummmm!
A yellow submarine tea "ball".
And once in a while I throw in something about our business ventures
and the wonderful things we make and try to sell!
Thank you to all the folks who regularly check out my postings,
and to the people who just sort of stumble by and move on.

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