Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just testing!

Just wanted to see if this spinning top graphic that I downloaded many years ago, will spin here. I used it as a "Click Here" thing on my old web site for The Toycrafter. Clicking on it would take you to the page about my spinning top show.

Looks like it doesn't spin here, but it still looks cool,
and my top show is as much fun as ever!

If you have a Scout Troop, a Church group, a nursing home, a school class, or just would like to get the neighborhood kids together, contact me. If you live nearby, it is free. If you live far enough away for the gas to get significant, I may want some gas money?
That is not as far away as it used to be, but I'm still a very good deal!

If you'd like to have a good time, see some spinning tops, and enjoy some old fashioned fireworks, check out some of my tops in
Mumford, NY - 1410 Flint Hill Road

at the
Genesee Country Museum Fireworks Extravaganza,
Saturday, Sept. 3 (Raindates Sept. 4 & 5)
Gates open at 5 p.m.

There is a charge to get in, but it will be well worth the money!

$14 / $12 for members - plus $3 parking gets you in at 5 o'clock for the Extravaganza, or come for the whole day for just $20!

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