Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedgestock 2011

We love our neighborhood, and we love Wedgestock. Above - our booth yesterday on a perfectly sunny and warm but slightly breezy day! The event is more of a neighborhood celebration than a sales opportunity, but we're used to that, and this one was a celebration of our own neighborhood! We live in the South Wedge, and actually found it was closer to walk home to use the bathroom than to make our way to the festival facilities down the block! That's Rick Shannon, our friend and South Wedge neighbor, with Cheryl in front of the booth.
These views are all from or in our booth. Above and below - in addition to the usual variety of great dogs, an Alpaca and a few chickens participated in the Pet Parade that opened the day!
Below - I loved the front of the building across the street from our booth. Those windows overlooking the street activities must make for an almost perfect apartment!I also loved the view below from inside our booth down between the rows of the big craft tent next to us! Craft fair booths are often surprisingly isolating, with walls blocking us off from our neighbors. Here, our booth was actually the main entrance and exit for several of our neighbors when they needed to go get food or whatever. It was all very friendly and pleasant!
Below, our grandchildren - also South Wedge neighbors - visited, and made a game out of marching around one of our pedestals. After attending a parade earlier in the day, marching and drumming were a major theme for the day! CJ made good use of Grandpa's cane!
Maya has already announced that on Wednesday (our babysitting day) we are going to have an Art Show at the house!


Pat said...

Looks like such a fun event!

Buenahelena said...

Great to meet both of you!

Buenahelena said...

Great to meet both of you! :)