Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great Dinner - Thanks Bert and Beth!

We have a small group of friends who get together pretty much every Friday evening for food, drink, and talk. Last night was no exception, and Bert and Beth ( our usual hosts) came up with a couple of new things. First, was the salad above - fresh mozzarella cheese slice, nice thick fresh tomato slice, basil leaves, and some chopped garlic and onion topping with olive oil, plus probably some secret stuff??? Next - and I did not get a picture - was grilled carrot "hot dogs". Bert and Herman stuck with the traditional Italian sausage, but the rest of us had grilled carrots on a hot dog bun with all the condiments! In short - lightly boiled hot dog sized carrots - marinated for 24 hours or more in your favorite marinade, and then grilled on the BBQ and served on a bun! Great flavor, nice texture, and very healthy! A couple of recipe links below, but my guess is you can just use a store bought marinade, or use your own favorite recipe! It turns out we have a couple of area hot dog carts that actually include these on the menu! Click here for the local newspaper article - including recipe.Picture above borrowed from our local paper.

Additional info and recipe links below --

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