Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Car

Above and below - the new 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan, and the front of our old Dodge conversion van . Our first new vehicle in 10 years! Goodbye to 5 car payment free years!
Below - Cheryl puts the first of our stuff into the new Caravan.Then Jim Bentley showed Cheryl some of the features on her next dream car, a sporty little Fiat convertible! (I think she is looking forward to the post craft show years?) Many thanks to Jim and Doan Dodge for our third smooth and comfortable car buying experience. Sorry we don't buy cars more often Jim! If you need a new Dodge or Fiat, call Doan, and ask for Jim Bentley!

Below - the one thing I couldn't save from the old van. The 2004 camping pass for the last time my brother Dave and I camped out at Merlefest. We had the coolest campsite there because we use both of our 10x10 craft fair tents! We slept in one - right behind the van, and behind that - next to the river, we used the second tent for cooking, sitting, story telling, etc. The next year I reserved a hotel room for us, because it was just getting too hard for Dave to manage the cold nights. I found the nights pretty %$#& cold too. Dave would never have done the hotel thing on his own, but he did thank me for doing it! The following year, Dave had died from his cancer, and my friend Bert and I went, and I put some of Dave's ashes under his old seat - Row 10, seat 39. Since then, I've sold the tickets to some friends of Dave's and mine, but sometime I'll go back.

Thanks old van for lots of good memories!

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