Monday, September 19, 2011

Taste of the Wedge - 2011

Our annual end of summer "dish to pass" picnic.
What a great neighborhood we live it!
Above and below - grandson CJ enjoys the music and the playground!
Click the video below to see him dancing to the Blues!

Above and below a couple of panoramic views of the event!
Click to embiggen!
Note after posting -
No idea what this new thing is that happens when you click a picture now! Checking on the forum indicates that this is a new "feature" that a lot of folks including me don't like - hopefully the complaints will at least yield a way to disable it!

Below - my friend Jeff Peden - juggler and entertainer extraordinaire - and a friend entertain the kids and adults with a variety of antics including lots of audience participation!
Click on the video below to hear The Highlanders, and see CJ moving to the beat!
Check your volume.

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Maeve said...

I think the new pop-up photo feature is designed so that clicking to enlarge a photo doesn't take you away from the main blog page. Not my favorite thing either but I think it's intended to make things convenient!