Monday, September 26, 2011

Bottle Bush

I've long been fascinated with bottle trees. Click on the links below to see a couple of web articles about bottle trees. You can buy them all pre-made from steel rods, but that somehow doesn't make sense. I've stuck some bottles on dead branches in the lilac bushes in our yard, but somehow they're also just not right. Today, while on a Sunday ride to Letchworth State Park, we drove by what may be the perfect bottle tree. More like a bottle bush actually, but a lot of bottles on the dead remains of a real bush! I love the variety of colors and the variety of bottles! I love the bottles on the ground mingled with the broken glass of bottles that didn't survive the fall? Or maybe the broken glass is from the captured evil spirits struggling to escape? I also love the lone broken bottle still hanging from the bush, but it's spirit was clearly able to escape. I think the good spirits managed to escape, but the evil ones are right there in the bottles! And there must be a very special spirit in that bright yellow bottle that seems to disappear when you move off to the side!
This bottle bush is located on Route 19A, Portageville, NY --- just outside the southern end of Letchworth State Park.

history of the bottle tree.

Another article about bottle trees.

Both pictures deserve to be clicked!

And in one of life's serendipty moments, this morning I discovered this about some recycled plastic bottle trees!

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