Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mosaic at the Post Office

This entry is specifically for Anne - my sister-in-law - who is very interested in mosaics! This one used to be outside TT Bearing, 454 E Broad St, Rochester, NY. Back in the days of The Toycrafter, we used to go here to get various bearings and other mechanical parts for repairing machines, or for building some custom piece of stuff to do something odd not covered by the usual drill presses, saws, etc. available on the market. TT Bearing still exists, but has moved out of the center of Rochester to Lexington Ave. Pretty much all our old suppliers from Grainger to TT Bearing have moved out of the city. Some are long gone as manufacturing businesses like The Toycrafter have disappeared. Some have just fled to the suburbs. Some, like Jackson Saw and CISCO, are still in the city, and still in business! CISCO, variously known as CISCO, Cook Iron Store, Co, or Contractor's Industrial Supply Company, sold a huge variety of hardware type stuff that we needed regularly, and Jackson Saw provided drill presses, table saws, and saw sharpening services when we could not find what we needed at one of the many - now defunct - junk/used stuff places in town! (I'll have to write up something about our old suppliers one of these days)The old TT Bearing building is now home to a "temporary" post office that moved there - very close to center city - when Midtown Plaza was torn down.

Before you think Rochester is going down hill fast from the comments above, we have a lot of good stuff going on in our city, and I'm very glad to be living here. It is changing, but that is the nature of our current world...... Rochester is very much moving in a good direction!

I'd love to know why TT Bearing put this great mosaic on their building! If you know anything about the history of this mosaic, or the artist (SKF) I'd enjoy hearing from you!
These are good pics to "Click to Embiggen"

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