Thursday, September 29, 2011

First visit to the studio!

Grandpa Don took Maya to the studio for the first time today! I promised last week that we would do this today, and while I forgot, Maya did not! Before leaving for preschool, Maya asked me what the laser looked like, and proceeded to draw a picture.... I said there was a computer next to it that helped run it, and she added that. The final touch was adding the electrical cords running to an outlet on the wall! When we got to the shop after I picked her up at school, she immediately walked over to the laser and wanted to see it run. She asked for one of our figures so she could draw a face on it! (She has often commented that our figures needed faces!) Grandpa pulled up the file and very soon she was watching the laser cut out her figure.... she actually laughed out loud!

Within a few moments after I handed her the figure, she asked for my pen, and added a face! We added a dad to her collection, and again she added a face immediately. I had no idea how concerned she was about the fact that most of our figures don't have faces.
My favorite moment of the day was when she asked me how the computer was connected to the laser ------ that is one sharp 4 year old!

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The Daily Rant said...

Maybe you need to do a "Maya" collection where she adds the expressions....