Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Top in my collection!

Lots of stories for this top! A gift from my friends Salena and Eddie -- direct from Italy! But like all things - Made In China. But as my friend Salena said in her letter... it is from Italy, and it is a Pinocchio top and Pinocchio was carved by Gepetto, an Italian woodworker in a small Italian village. And it may hold the record for distance traveled in my collection - Made in China, shipped to Italy, flown to the USA, and then (and here is the exciting part) it has ridden around in Salena and Eddie's truck for most of a year as they travel all over the US, delivering and picking up all manner of things .... and always with this little top tucked away in a corner of the "sleeper" (actually a small apartment). Check out The Daily Rant for lots of stories and pictures of where my little Italian / Chinese top has been! This one is going in the top cart to have this story told as part of my Spinning Top Show. The next show will be October 6th for my granddaughter's preschool class! I'll try to get a picture for you Salena! Thanks!

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The Daily Rant said...

So glad it finally arrived!! But he has had quite the ride, tooling around the country in the comfort of our sleeper! :)

This is probably the worst case of my procrastination - I can't tell you how long "Send Don the Pinocchio top" was on my to-do list! LOL

Hello to all on your end!