Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great day at Clothesline!

Well, we managed to fill the empty booth with lots of great stuff, and lots of great customers helped us thin out the supply! We still have some great things left though, plus some things in the van to fill up the blank spots.The other great thing about this show is that it usually seems like pretty much everyone we know in town stops by during the two days. Below, left to right --- myself, Cheryl, Kristel, Toni, and Shalom! Kristel and Toni are old friends, and Shalom is the trainer at the gym Cheryl has been going to with great regularity, and with very pleasing results!
And while zipping up the tent for the night, I found this dragonfly! Large, and a beautiful green and black color, it was the perfect ending to a great day...... well the actual ending was a nice plate of sesame tofu, with rice and broccoli at our favorite diner!
As always, click on the pictures of the dragonfly to embiggen!

One more day to stop by booth 447 at The Clothesline Show

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